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v16 - InstallPermissions Provider8/2/2009DownloadOliver Hine2881

Enhanced Permissions Provider Overview & Advanced Text/HTML module / v00.00.16


This project is designed to enable all the capabilities of DotNetNuke Community Edition. Why? I think it's important to keep a single version of the DotNetNuke platform fully functional and available for free for everybody to use. I think this is the only way the community will continue to grow at the rate we have become accustomed to. Of course, I have nothing against the DotNetNuke Corporation wanting to charge for support services and indemnification, I just disagree with releasing the useful additions only to enterprise level customers.  By releasing the assemblies and source code, more users will "dogfood" the work,  suggest improvements, and when they have support issues they'll make the decision as to which company is best suited to handle their issues.

The v00.00.16 Enhanced Permission Provider is released as beta software. Please do not install it on a production environment unless you've thoroughly tested the installation first on your staging system and assume all responsibility. All warnings aside, you can download the v00.00.16 beta release here or watch the installation demonstration in the flash video... 

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the development of free extensions for the DotNetNuke community.

Feedback Requested


I would love to get feedback regarding your thoughts / suggestions / and any issues you might encounter. Please use the contact page on my website to leave me any feedback.

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