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Tab Name, Title, Keywords, and Description Editor for DNN5+

You should just download the module and start using it today and don't forget to let me know what you think!

Currently not much of a description exists for this module, it was only created in about 1.5hrs of time. However, it will save you at least this much time on your next project or your money back! I know a few other modules exist that do almost the same exact thing, but they post alot more data to/fro the client/server. I'm a big fan of the new ControlMethods API added in DNN 5.0.0 and have started to utilize the jqGrid control on a few internal modules, and I figured this would be a perfect use to demonstrate some of the new functionality in DNN5 for free for the community.

At first the module loads with just a button to request the tabdata, which will bind a jqGrid control on the client. When you click on any row it will switch automatically into the edit mode, clicking on another row will save the current row. You can click the refresh data button to see if anybody else edited a page.

It's recommended you place it onto the "Admin > Pages" tab within your DotNetNuke installation which will allow your portal administrators to quickly populate the search engine optimization fields DNN provides.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the development of free extensions for the DotNetNuke community.


Keyword Editor
v0.0.423 - over 8 year ago
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