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Google Analytics Evolved v8.1.1702 was released over 4 year ago, and has been downloaded 3831 times. This is the 6th release.
Release Notes:

v02.00.335 - 09/30/2010 - Stabilization Release
* Fixed segmentation issue with roles that included a space

* Fixed tracking id with quotes, removing any quotes that might be in a tracking id

v02.02.595 - 6/17/2011 - Web Connections Release
* added sample rate, added domain name, and anonymize IP settings

v08.00.1131 - 12/4/2012 - DNN7 Support
* updated the package version to allow installation on DNN7 without having to uninstall the default analytics module.

v08.01.1702 - 6/28/2014 - Stabilization Release
* async now default mode
* added support for forceSSL
* added universal support (currently disabled)
* added doubleclick support -
* fixed sample rate issues
* refactored for performance

Download: v8.1.1702

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the development of free extensions for the DotNetNuke community.