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Photo Gallery v0.7.2107 was released over 4 year ago, and has been downloaded 5571 times. This is the 13th release.
Release Notes:

updated available picasa file sizes, upgraded jquery plugins (colorbox, cycle, fancybox, facebox), enhanced album lookup functionality

v0.1.970: 5/20/2011 - 1am

updated settings control to display lots of albums

v0.2.971: 5/21/2011 - 12am

upgraded jquery plugins (thickbox, lightbox), upgraded msbuild task to include jquery plugins automagically

v0.3.975: 5/25/2011 - 7pm

upgraded google gdata to v1.8.0, fixed large thumbnail for picasa users

added slideshow speed setting, fixed caption display in polaroid mode, sort by and display album name on module settings

DNN6 support: replaced jQuery Tools (flowplayer) with qTip2

v0.6.1617: 2/25/2013 - 9pm

upgraded to flickrnet v3.4, upgraded to google gdata v2.1, fixed above/below placement, added new flickr sizes, fixed flickr description not showing, added loading text and centered, new paging control with page numbers and first/last buttons, upgraded colorbox to v1.4.1 (from v1.3.17.1), upgraded cycle from v2.99 to v2.999999.1, upgraded fancyBox, upgraded lightbox, tested under v703/620/562

fixed v5 support

recompiled against FlickrNet v3.5.0, fixed flickr group photostreams, fixed single row display error, upgraded jCarouselLite to v1.8.5, slideshows are now initially hidden to prevent display issues on the initial load, added new options to disable the pager and image count controls.

recompiled against FlickrNet v3.12.0 for HTTPS switch on 6/27/2014

fixed flickrnet v3.12 reference

Download: v0.7.2107

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the development of free extensions for the DotNetNuke community.