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Advanced Control Panel Suite v1.5.4 was released over 6 year ago, and has been downloaded 6692 times. This is the 28th release.
Release Notes:

* removed 15 serverside controls * optimized 15 images into a single graphic

* fixed host NavigateUrl

* fixed highlight pane animation

* new ribbon bar control panel

* automatically enabled after installation * switched page settings and feedback icons

* added multiple views (default ribbon style, compact text links, and expandable icon mode) * added YUI compressor for js/css files * added admin / host icons by Jojo Mendoza * added local jqueryui v1.7.2 or hosted v1.* based on your host setting for jquery * fixed expand and progressbar imagepaths * fixed localization of admin/host menu items * removed the delete confirm alert when button is disabled

* added basic support for jQuery 1.4 (removed dialog animation)

* added favorites / bookmark feature * added check for IsVisible and IsDeleted in the admin/host menu callback * added missing localization keys * targeting 3.5 / DNN5.1+ * fixed pin/unpin visibility setting * enabled option strict

* switched from using '$' to 'jQuery' to fix issues with ows * fixed issue when clicking bookmark twice * fixed issue with chrome not being able to delete bookmarks

* added 'Create a New Page' dialog mode * added 'Change Container' option in the new module dialog * replaced the module and feedback dialog with the bookmark styled dialog * fixed copy/link module list when the current page is empty * fixed issue with cached scripts and css files after upgrade * disabled the add/copy/link module when you're on a module admin control

* switched page dropdown list to an ajax callback * adjusted the z-index of popup menus / dialogs * added missing localization keys

* fixed issue with cached scripts and css files after upgrade * fixed issue with module placement when using the above/below options * fixed issue when adding modules with multiple view definitions (DNN Blog) * moved menu handles graphics into css sprite image

* fixed issue with module title always using the default title * removed the requirement on the admin console module for controlling the visible state of the admin menu, now checking if the current user can view the admin tab

v1.2.1 - 9/1/2010

  • RibbonBar:
    • added default host bookmarks (reset app, install extension)
    • added default admin bookmarks (clear portal cache)
    • added copy design to children, and copy permissions to children actions
    • added new amazing page settings popup, it will save you TONS of time!
    • fixed conflict with ModuleActionsMenu
    • fixed language selector bug in DNN 5.5.0
  • IconBar:
    • fixed icons not displaying
  • added Dutch translation
  • updated German translation

  • RibbonBar:
    • fixed typo (clear portal cache was incorrectly labeled)

v1.2.3 - 9/3/2010

  • RibbonBar: fixed issue when creating a new page
  • added spanish translation

  • RibbonBar:
    • added ui language override functionality
    • added restore deleted module shortcut
    • fixed bookmark callback when running under DNN v5.6.0
  • added French translation

v1.3.1 - 12/14/2010

  • RibbonBar:
    • added skin & container options when updating or adding a page
    • fixed issues with rtl languages
    • fixed page refresh when rendering the bookmark prompt
    • replaced the add new page dialog, with the edit page dialog (less code, more features)
    • skin & container control now shows current default selection
    • html and css changes for IE6/7/8/9 support
  • updated Dutch translation
  • added Norwegian translation
  • added Hebrew translation
  • added Portuguese (Brazil) translation

  • added user impersonation support with reverting back to your original account!
  • added page position management capabilities (after, before, child of)
  • added disable page checkbox into page management dialog
  • added site-template refresh bookmark support
  • added callback error display in a stylish growl notification
  • fixed exception if no admin page exists in the current portal
  • fixed skin/container control (reverting to page default works as intended)
  • fixed "__U" querystring bug when using Chrome
  • fixed bookmark menu rendering issues when creating the first bookmark
  • updated to jquery ui 1.8.7
  • updated DNN Reference to v5.4.0+

v1.3.3 - 4/7/2011

  • RibbonBar:
    • added page template selection on add new page dialog
    • added settings for controlling the target user administration module definition
    • fixed user impersonation revert action on multi-portal shared userbase installs

v1.4.0 - 10/19/2011

  • updated jQueryUI binding method to reduce conflicts with 3rd party modules
  • updated to hoverIntent v6, load the shared DNN6 version if present
  • added jQuery.RequestDnnPluginsRegistration for DNN6 module action support
  • added check for null IconFile when building tab menus
  • added docking support (top/bottom docking areas)
  • added portal switcher (when multiple portals are configured on a single instance)
  • fixed z-index issue positioning issue
  • fixed initial skin/container selection
  • coloring tweak (cp background, span text)

  • DNN6 - added module categorization fields
  • DNN6 - use overlays if popups are enabled
  • added the ability to impersonate an anonymous user
  • added enter/escape keypress handlers for saving/closing popups
  • tweaked portals menu to show only for super users
  • fixed version detection api
  • minor css tweaks

  • DNN7 support
  • added boolean host setting "ohcp_LockCategoryList" which will hide the DNN6 categorization field for all users except superusers, locking them to only see the "Content" type modules
  • fixed delay when searching for users when your site contains more then 10k accounts
  • tweaked search for users to use contains, instead of startsWith

  • fixed dialog enter keypress from triggering any non-control panel actions on the page
  • fixed display issue with users without a display name
  • minor css tweaks

v1.5.4 - 12/04/2012

  • fixed chrome bug preventing any modules from adding to the page

Download: v1.5.4

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