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My DNN Core Modifications


These are a few of my recent contributations to the DNN core. For the most part, they're not included yet in any official version of DNN. However, If you help promote (vote, mention on forums, etc) then we might get something added a bit quicker.

  • Primary Portal Aliases - Seach Engine Friendly 301 redirects for portals with multiple aliases
  • Module Lockdown - Allow users to lock modules, so only they can control them (DNN-10163)
  • Portal Based SMTP Settings - Configure separate mail server settings per portal (DNN-9510)
  • Intergated Google Analytics tracking, with optional roles to omit from getting tracked (DNN-9510)
  • Graphs / Charts in SiteLog
  • Navigation Provider Setting: ShowHiddenTabs (allows the built-in navigation provider/control to display tabs that are marked as hidden) (DNNP-9821)
  • Reverse Proxy IP Logging (DNN-8672)
  • Active Directory tweaks (domainless login, password and profile synchronization)
  • Offsite Backup and Restore a DNN Instance via Amazon S3
  • Multiple DNN Pager controls on a single page (DNN-9311)
  • Customization of the DNN Pager text/buttons (DNN-9311)
  • Optimized 1x1.gif

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the development of free extensions for the DotNetNuke community.

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